PC Repairs

Have you experienced a fault in your computer?

From overheating laptops to common problems like “the fans are spinning then it shuts off”, “it turns off randomly when in use”, “it beeps and won’t turn on” are questions we hear every day.

We can generally troubleshoot and remedy this for you in our Leederville office same-day, to get you back up and running with as little down time as possible. We understand that computer’s are the key to most people’s businesses and daily affairs, so we work fast to get your machine back where it needs to be. Contact us today to discuss any issues you may be having by using the form below or contacting us on (08) 6507 5360.

PC Test Bench
We use various test bench scenarios (AMD, Intel) to efficently bread board your parts in our troubleshooting process to pinpoint the issue at hand

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